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January 2016

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Welcome to the Third Coast Dirtbag Collective. The gathering place to celebrate the dirtbag sports, culture, music, and art that surround the Great Lakes.



Quiver Killers They Are Not…

It seems that every marketing guru is touting their product as the so-called quiver killer. The one bike that will dominate World Cup DH courses, weekly fast guy road rides, and let you commute to work in ultimate comfort. The one pair of skis that will rip groomers, the park and pipe, bottomless pow, and blast crud. That one cam that fits in any crack, converts to a nut, and doubles as a bottle opener.

Thank god my wife doesn’t pay attention to the marketing. I’d never get away with the endless stream of gear that cycles through my house. I’m a firm believer in using the right tool for the job. That being said, I usually have a go to piece of gear. It’s the pair of skis I grab when I don’t know what conditions will be, the bike I grab more than any of the others, the backpack I carry everyday.

To pay homage to our favorite pieces of gear, we’ll be posting reviews of those items over the next few months. Don’t miss any of the reviews by liking our Facebook page or following us on Instagram. We also want to see your favorite pieces of gear. Tell us about your favorite go to item.

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